…终于站起来啦! 这里终于有了一家可以和国内餐馆并驾齐驱的川菜馆了.去年十二月就在网上读到的麻辣诱惑,居然被我们漏掉这么久.还是朋友最近大力推荐我们才想起来去试.周六的晚上里面人山人海.生意不是一般的好.

一边等一边读菜单一边流口水. 以前 ZM 不止一次提到过在国内吃的水煮鱼都是清汤里飘着鱼片,菜相非常好,不像这里老是盖着厚厚的淀粉,一盆红油.像我们推荐麻辣诱惑的朋友就说麻辣诱惑的水煮鱼就是国内味道,清汤无淀粉. 一边读菜单一边后悔没多叫几个朋友一起来,好多叫几个菜.因为什么都想嚐嚐. 看完晚餐菜单, ZM 又跑去拿来午餐套餐菜单接着膜拜. 看完菜单开始欣赏装潢.在美国很少见到正宗中餐馆里有这么现代漂亮的装潢.周围等着吃饭的几十口子都是中国人,操着南腔北调的普通话.好像回到了国内似的. 等了近一个小时才轮到我们,快速点了水煮鱼,干锅茶树菌,尖椒鸡,担担面,扬州炒饭. 喜欢他们的透明八宝茶壶和泡菜.


水煮鱼第一个上来,大家开始闷头大吃.真好吃啊!!祖国人民真幸福啊! 湾区人民终于等到了这一天啊!

尖椒鸡味道很不错,担担面看似简单,因为加了芝麻酱,刚入口感觉很香甜,就少了戒心.谁知后劲极强,辣了个天翻地覆.妈妈和我拼命喝冰水.ZM 吃得汗如雨下.

扬州炒饭十分一般.还是更喜欢辣妹子的云腿炒饭. 但是因为是全桌唯一不辣的一盘,我和妈妈风卷残云一般把它分而食之.

最后上来的是干锅茶树菌. 我很喜欢. 蘑菇里浸了洋葱的甜味,很特别. 妈妈和 ZM 都觉得这道菜很一般,量太少价钱太贵,不值. 🙁

酒足饭饱. 我们已经开始商议着下次什么时候再来. 水煮鱼的汤打包回来,准备明天买几只牛蛙丢进去水煮. 🙂
图片: 麻辣诱惑 @Fremont

Spicy Town Fremont
Address: 43683 Boscell Road, Fremont, CA 94538 (Auto Mall Parkway 上的 Costco 后面)
Phone No: 510-687-9998
Businss Hour: Open 7 days a week
Monday-Thursday: 11:00am-2:30pm; 5:00pm-9:30pm
Friday-Saturday:   11:00am-3:00pm; 5:00pm-10:00pm
Sunday:    11:00am-3:00pm; 5:00pm-9:30pm

相比之下, 辣妹子啦, 五粮液啦,都是属于上一个革命斗争阶段的产物了.我们终于迎来了正牌当代中国菜的时代. 阿弥陀佛.根据小肥羊的发展趋势来看,我们估计下一家麻辣诱惑很可能也会开在 圣马太? 不知道要等多少年才会开到旧金山市区来. ZM 的预测是十年. 🙁

想起十二年前我们刚刚搬到 Fremont 时,周围连一家像样的中餐馆都没有.早茶都要跑到 Warm Spring去. 真是今非昔比啊! (对了,周五去了圣马太新开的小肥羊.不错,比联合城那家装修的好,火锅也好不少.)


  1. 俄的神呀,这咋看着像湘菜呢?




  2. A little “麻”, not very “辣”, and no “诱惑”。“和国内餐馆并驾齐驱”?呵呵……in your dream, girlfriend.

    But you are definitely not alone in being recklessly “tempted”, for during my family’s sojourn in Bay Area last week, the first restaurant our old friends took us to was this one. I walked in the door and smelled cumin…my heart sunk.

    The dishes are greasy, salty, and far from inspiring. “Where it is good, it’s not unique; where it is unique, it’s not good”. In the second category was “晾杆耳片”, where sliced pork belly (五花肉) should have been used (but the pork has to be so fresh that it tastes a bit sweet). The fact that one doesn’t get good, butcher-fresh pork in Bay Area may explain the swap; while piggy ear may have more of a popular appeal, its texture ddoes not render itself well with the flavorful sauce that usually marks this particular dish. But, no risk there, either: the sauce was awful, too.

    B- for the above dish. C+ for 水煮鱼. B- for that unspeakable chicken dish. C+ for the sticky rice cake. C+/B- for everything else.

    And for 川菜 that doesn’t kick you in the groin, welcome home to China, 湾区贫农们!I usually have very low regard for Sichuanese food in Shanghai—Shenzhen and Beijing are sooooooooooooooooo much better. But I gotta say that comparing to what you got in Bay Area, our not-so-authentic renditions here are actually divine.

    当然不能跟国内最好的餐馆比了.而且原料来源来源肯定没有国内新鲜,这是没有办法的事情.我只是说装潢比较类似国内了,而且饭菜质量比历来这里的中餐已经好了很多.你们国内来的当然可以瞧不起.其实你们回来难道不该去吃些正统的墨西哥菜?甚至物美价廉的越南三明治?何必要跟我们贫下中农混呢? 至少这里的多样性还是比国内好些(便宜是一定的.国内的日本菜就很少有吃的过去又不用花天价的). 在这上面有优越感难道很英雄么?不过看你们天天受污染假冒东西的苦,就不跟你们一般见识了.呵呵.

    At least we breath cleaner air and enjoy some nature near by (went hiking in the redwood forest this weekend, lovely!). If we have to give up some of the better food as an exchange. I’m okay with it. Enjoy your feast in the heavily polluted urban jungle!

  3. Feisty…and over-defensive?

    As you should have known from my history of posting, Chinese dining is hardly a likely topic for Yours Truly to sound “superior” on, which, in your cooler moments when you are more generous with benefits of doubt, shouldn’t have aroused such silly defensive mumbo-jumbo above. You should also have known that I would agree with most of the points raised by you, which is why we were seriously considering coming back to Bay Area (to your points I’d also add the horrible real estate value in Shanghai, and the badness of people). So why get hurt so easily?

    To answer your other points: we dined Chinese only twice during our week-long stay, both upon insistence of our local friends. Yes, we did 3 Vietnamese (incl. Le Cheval in Oakland which I liked very much), 3 Japanese, two Korean, and even a few “Cal-Mex”. Agreed that Bay Area still have superior Korean and Vietnamese (Yeah, 贫农!), but Japanese is a give-and-take, perhaps because far more Japanese work and live in Shanghai (120K plus) than in Bay Area. Next time you dropped by this “heavily polluted urban jungle”, try 春夏秋冬 on 复兴中路.

    Anyway, you sounded like a China man with all this over-sensitivity. I had higher expectations for Chinese women 😉