Along Aegean Shore -Ephesus, Sep. 2004

I have never been to Italy or Greece, Ephesus became the my first ancient ruins. I was awe struck, despite the swarming tourists, despite the scortching sun. Every corner I turn, at the end every street, I was pleasantly surprised by more beautful structures lay ahead. The city seemed never to end. A true metropolis of the antique age.

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I lingered among marble columns, broken statues, and pieces of ancient writings on the facade (always in two languages, Latin for the common people because it was the language for trade, Greek for the scholar and officials). My heart was filled with a sense of wonder. I didn't want to leave. So this was the birthplace of western civilization.
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Earliest record of Ephesus was from 7th century B.C. Later, Alexander the Great, on his way to conquer the Persians, captured Ephesus in 334 B.C.. IN the true fasion of any Anatolia city in Asia Minor, Ephesus was ruled by various kings after the death of Alexander the Great; eventually became a Roman city in 133 B.c.. During the reign of Augustus, Ephesus was the most important Asian Province of Rome.
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It was One of the first Hellenistic cities built with a grid city planning. It was here the first Ionian style column appeared. Pantheon in Athen, Coliseum in Rome, they all came later. Their architecture styles were all originated here on the Asian shore of Aegean. It was on this shore of Aegean that Homer was born, The father of history, Herodotus was born in a neighboring city Bordum, and roamed these land....Walking down the broad avenue lined with marble columns for the nth time, I stopped in front of an ancient column of pink marble, slowly I reached out my hand, laid my palm on its warm fluted surface, my heart trembled with delight. Ah, where Socrates had walked...
*Photos by Mi.
+Photo by our guide.