Why Ecuador?

It all started with some pictures of Torres del Paine that I saw on the web in 2000. I fell in love with the mountains in the southern continent. When I showed them to Sarah, she wrote back, "Okay, let's go to South America in 2002." I didn't think she was serious. But she was.
At the beginning of 2002, we booked a tour with G.A.P. to Ecuador instead. It simply fit our schedules the best. Besides, it is a "combination platter" - Amazon jungles, Andes highland, and the Galapagos.
We met the rest of our tour group in Quito and Papallacta, haven't the slightest idea what an amazing trip this was going to be...
Electricity Trader from London. Has been traveling in S. America since Jan'02.
Phycist from Munich.
Our fearless leader from Quito.
Sarah and Jean
Environmentalist from Calgary, Canada; and Programming Monkey from Silicon Valley.