New SideLog

In case people are not familiar with the concept of a “sidelog”. I’ve added one to the right of the main column (yup, that narrow strip of blue thiny). The idea is when I find interesting stuff on the web, but don’t have much input other than the link itself, i will list them there. It is also reverse chronological ordered just like the main weblog, and the date is at the bottom of each short note. The (0) is indicating it has zero comments as of now. So you could comment on those items as well. The sidelog is itself a mini-weblog, so it has its own archive and RSS. Not sure if people would like those links, so i left them out for now.

This way, I can keep only the longer articles in the main log. From now on, most of the items that used to belong to the “web surfing” category will probably end up in the sidelog.

So check it out, it has some goodies already! 🙂
Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or complains… 🙂