Alice’s Cake

In addition to being a ¡°hard-working¡± Ph.D. candidate in AI, my sister is also a rather fabulous pastry chef. Based solely on my description, one of my co-workers still remembers one desert entry produced by Alice for our Thanksgiving feast three years ago. It was poached pears with lots of goodies stuffed in those fruits, and lots of red wine was involved in the process.

She made me a Queen-bee butter cake for my birthday. It is probably the most delicious cake I¡¯ve ever tasted. Absolutely professional grade! The sponge cake was soaked in rum syrup, with a dark chocolate cover; nutty crest made from toasted almond, sugar, and royal honey was on the side. There were even handmade/hand painted marzipan bees to go with it. One of those bees fell off from its pastry stick, and was hungrily drinking the honey by a ¡°honey well¡±. I laughed, ¡°That is me!¡±

6 thoughts on “Alice’s Cake

  1. I didn’t invent it or anything, it was copied from the “Cake Bible.” Don’t worry, next one will be even better! 🙂

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