The Ultimate Cookie Book

Went to Yoga with Gui and Matthew last night, picked up a big bag of birthday presents from their home, too. 🙂 Counted my treasures when I got home: one novel by an Indian-American female author that we both enjoyed but I could never pronounce her name; one travel book by Paul Theroux, Dark Star Safari, Overland from Cairo to Cape Town, which caught Mi¡¯s attention right away; and ¡­.[drum rolls] THE ULTIMATE COOKIE BOOK! I spent the entire evening browsing through all the receipts. Colorful inserts made me drool. Yumm! Going to shop for materials and cookware for cookie making. Let¡¯s see what will happen in our kitchen this weekend.

I can never resist the fragrance drifting out of a kitchen; let it be the homely smell of dinner being cooked, or the warm and sunny smell of coffee in the morning, or rich and happy smell of baking in a weekend afternoon.

Guess I¡¯m true to my nature: a pig. And from this pig¡¯s point of view, heavenly smell comes out of a kitchen == civilization.