MT 3.0 New Pricing Structure

Regarding all the “injustice” cry over MT 3.0’s new pricing structure, this funny response is a must read! via MovableType RIP | Metafilter (

This is getting talked about throughout the blogsphere and the reaction is pretty much universally negative.

The BLOGOSPHERE spake with one voice, and it said:

“Give us free stuff!”

And the Developers said, “Sure, why not,” and gave them simple web tools to played with. And the BLOGOSPHERE played with them, and rejoiced, and it was good.

And then the BLOGOSPHERE said:

“Give us more features!”

And the Developers did their best to comply, and they didst labour for many a year. Occasionally, they would shower.

And the Developers didst look up from their keyboards, and looked about their shabby one-room walkups, and they didst declare:

“Holy shit, we’re starving here. Does anybody have any money for some ramen or something?”

And they looked upon the BLOGOSPHERE, who didst use their product, and their many Amazon affiliate links and AdSense banners, and they said to themselves:

“Hmm. How do we get in on that action?”

And then it hit them, like a wet fish.

Yea, though they had planted the seed, watered the sapling, and tended the tree, but they did not reap any of the fruit.

“Fuck that noise,” they said, and they didst add a licence fee to the next upgrade under certain circumstances.

“AAAUUUGGHHH!” said the BLOGOSPHERE, which, like Slashdotters, never readeth the fucking article. “This is unjust. This is unexpected. This is so . . . so proprietary. Software should be FREE!” they said, as they cashed their cheques from Google.

“It’s not that great software anyway,” they said, as they entered stage two. “Anyone could whip up a blogging app. It’s slow. And the server doth verily give me those stoopid 500 Internal Server Errors.”

And the BLOGOSPHERE looked around and said, crying with a great voice:

“Anyone else want to give us free stuff?”

posted by mcwetboy at 8:57 AM PST on May 13