A Face Lift

Inspired by Alex the Girl, i gave the weblog a face lift. Color Theory is my weakness. It is one subject I’ve been having trouble with since the very beginning. I’m still not getting it. So my fool proof (literarily, trust me) method is trial and error. It works for me but it is very inefficient. 🙁

Therefore I need all the help I can get, here are a few very useful website that helped me a great deal in the color department:
EasyRGB-Color harmonies, complements and themes: I used this most often. But colors it provides tend to be on the contrasty and bright side.
Color Match: the javascript could work better, but it complements EasyRGB by providing more subdued colors within the same theme.
Palette Man: After you get all four color plus text set, try “rotate”. It is an excellent way to show how arrange the same group of colors differently will provide such different mood. Only have web safe colors though.
Scheme Machine: A good way to help decide the color of active links and visited links and how they look against different background color. It also gives you the final html code. Web safe colors only.
xblog-color: Want more? Try this! Tons of color theory related links. Go crazy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Face Lift

  1. I like this new look of your weblog. The upmost title bar is nice, even nicer than the leaf photo alone. 🙂

  2. Luan Kan: Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 I’m glad you like it. I guess this little space will be changing rather regularly from now on because I just got hooked on the world of CSS (Cascade Style Sheet). So many tricks I could play… A little too time consuming, though. I wish I don’t need to sleep.

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