What Will Happen Next September?

From Where is Raed?

My cousin,after his 3rd beer, is the smartest person on this planet.
For some reason we started talking about whether Bush will have another term on the big chair in the White House. I thought he’s out because of all the trouble in Iraq. My cousin puts down his beer and tells me that I am a fool, because:

he puts his beer down and tells me my tuna salad is the worst ever.

So don’t be too surprised if bin laden and/or Saddam are caught between September’04 and Novenmber’04.

2 thoughts on “What Will Happen Next September?

  1. Getting a little paranoid Jean?

    The moderator of one mailing list I read is leaning a little … make that alot … to the paranoid side. He likes to repeat relatively often how “19 insane freedom-hating Arabs with boxcutters” is actually a conspiracy theory.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a little paranoid and/or open to the idea that things are not as they appear. However, in the absence of concrete information most people let their emotions fill in the gaps in the stories. When emotions take over then people are capable of believing anything.

    Another quote from a different list:

    We are now expected to believe
    bin Laden, the stooping doom prophet with a need for constant dialysis,
    with maybe an arm or leg blown off, who might have been buried in a 75-inch
    long coffin – that this guy is still alive and croaking into a microphone.
    His cassettes are mystically delivered, only to the satellite TV station Al

    How much does Al Jezeera get paid to broadcast that stuff? By who ? In any
    case it is now vitally necessary to “believe” in Al Qaida which we are told
    to believe is a constant menace to the free flow of reasonable priced oil
    (as George Bush 1 called it). Now is this collective madness, a form of
    cultural anomie or what? It is far along from the Pied Piper stuff of
    Khomenei, which at the time was very far out

  2. Paranoid? Moi? :O

    It didn’t seem completely outlandish, though. Regardless it is in middle east, communist China, or, god forbid, democratic US, the pre-condition to believing in conspiracy theory is to stop trusting anything your leader says. Based on the current admin¡¯s track record, i¡¯d say that condition is met.

    Although, based on the same track record, I also don’t believe they could pull off something as slick as stated in this little article. For God’s sake, they can’t even find a snitch in their own office who leaked out confidential information! blah… :p

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