2 thoughts on “Singapore Style Zong Zi Recipe

  1. Hi Jean,

    I was going to comment on the Matrix essay but thought ‘why not combine this with a zongzi-related comment’? So here goes.

    You’re interpreting a successful mind liberation in the Matrix as undemocratic because M/T/N didn’t ask the liberatees whether they want to be liberated or not.

    Do you need to ask permission from your children if you’re introducing them to zongzi for the first time? Some children may appreciate or grow to appreciate your action. Some of them may regret for the rest of their lives that they are aware of zongzi. There is no way to know their reaction ahead of time. You can’t really give them the choice without already having made the choice for them.

  2. not sure i understand your definition of “introducing”. Do you mean that you will jam zong zi into your child’s mouth and force them to eat it? or do you put it in front of them and say, would you like one?

    Are you saying the people who are out of the Matrix are superior minds than the ones within? Wouldn’t that equal in saying hackers have a greater mind than nonprogrammers?

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