A Letter from Iraq

It is long, but it has really good information. From the big picture to the small details: What was the US Administration’s original post-war plan, how chaotic it was during the late Spring, how it was abandoned. plus day to day stories in Baghdad, told by a 29-year old US Army Captain, an American historian and now a Coalition Council member, a Shiite Sheikh, etc. Letter from Baghdad – War After The War, What Washington doesn’t see in Iraq by GEORGE PACKER, from The New Yorker Issue of 2003-11-24.

¡°Iraq needs to be liberated¡ªliberated from big plans,¡± Salam¨¦ said. ¡°Every time people mentioned it in the last few years, it was to connect it to big ideas¡ªthe war against W.M.D.s, solving the Arab-Israeli conflict, the war against terrorism, a model of democracy. That¡¯s why all these mistakes are made. They¡¯re made because Iraq is always, in someone¡¯s mind, the first step to something else.¡±