The New Yorker: Obama

Gui pointed me to this article on Barack Obama in the current New Yorker magazine.THE CANDIDATE, by WILLIAM FINNEGAN “How the son of a Kenyan economist became an Illinois Everyman.” Issue of 2004-05-31

Americans aren¡¯t simply too tired to think about politics, he said; they¡¯re being deliberately turned off. ¡°If you make political discourse sufficiently negative, more people will become cynical and stop paying attention. That leaves more space for special interests to pursue their agendas, and that¡¯s how we end up with drug companies making drug policy, energy companies making energy policy, and multinationals making trade policy.¡±

Ken asked a question once, “Who do you think would be the first to become the US president among the three: a woman, a black, or a jew?” This Obama sounds like a good candidate for the second group.