English->French Breakfast Conversion Table

Ha! Thanks to Jennie! 🙂

English->French Breakfast conversion table:

Pancake -> Crepe
French Toast -> Toast
French Fries -> Potato fries
Hashbrowns -> Potatoes
Coffe -> coffe diluted in water
Double expresso -> coffe
Cappuccino -> coffe with a bit of milk
Latte -> Milk with a bit of coffe
Napa -> Bordeaux
Bad Beer -> Bad Beer
Dasani -> Evian
Egg McMuffin -> what?

One thought on “English->French Breakfast Conversion Table

  1. hehe, first thing comes to mind is “Le Egg McMuffin” as they say in “Pulp Fiction”…:)
    >>>>>>>>>Jean’s Reply>>>>>>>>>>>
    >>haha, reminds me of a dialog in . They were talking about how to order Chinese Food in China. Ross said, dude, in China, they don’t have to call it Chinese food, they will just say “Food!” :))

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