Antony Lane’s Review: “Alexander The Great”

Classic! WAR-TORN
– Oliver Stone¡¯s ¡°Alexander.¡±

It seems highly improbable that a film in which very close friends wage war in matching leather miniskirts will find favor in the White House screening room. On the other hand, what a war! Stone, who was in President Bush¡¯s class at Yale, uses ¡°Alexander¡± to offer a strident argument in favor of unilateral aggression against foreign powers, on the ground that¡ªguess what¡ªit¡¯s good for ¡¯em. The battle of Gaugamela, in 331 B.C., in which a quarter of a million men, under King Darius III, were put to rout by Alexander with a force of less than fifty thousand, was, in essence, the launch of Operation Persian Freedom.