A Pig’s Heaven

Summer heat.
Spare the Air Days.
High Gas Prices.

One needed to be reminded of the good moments in life, so when looking back, we won’t forget life used to be so good. And Good Days don’t last. 🙁

I’ve decided to take advantage of the company shuttle stops at my neighborhood (actually, it is more like the neighboring neighborhood cuz it is 10 blocks away from my apartment), I changed my daily schedule a bit.

Getting up at 7am (okay, 7:15am), leaving home at 7:25am, walking across the park to the other end of the Cole Street, taking the 7:45pm shuttle, arriving at work at 9am.

This morning i suddenly realized that i could take advantage of such a early arrival by picking up breakfast, which usually serves till 9:30am that used to be too early for me.

At 9:10am this morning, i sat at my desk, drinking a papaya smoothie, devouring foofoo stuff like “Low Country Crab Cake Benedict”, crispy Nitrate–free Bacon, and a piece of heavenly pastry that has caramelized almond on top, with custard in the middle of foamy bread (does that sound good? it is GOOD).

I’m very proud of myself, because i could so easily stuff myself up like a pig. Here is why:

Oasis Breakfast Menu 7-17 until 7-21

Smoothie Bar

Chef’s Recommendations

Wild Strawberry
Blue Monkey
Angel’s Tropical Paradise

Create smoothie of your own

Hot Cereals
**Scottish Steal-Cut Oats
*Stone Ground Grits

Hot cereal condiments:
Brown sugar, toasted nuts, butter, cheddar, golden raisins, & dried apricots

Low-fat, fat-free, soy milk, or rice milk

Tropical Treats
1 or 2 weekly yogurt, fruit, nut, & grain parfait
Fresh organic seasonal fruit (on platters)

Sunrise Grill
Daily Offerings

Farm fresh organic scrambled eggs
Scrambled egg whites
Tofu scramble (available on request)
Egg Beaters (available on request)
Roasted organic breakfast potatoes
Chicken-apple Sausage 2-oz link
Vegetarian Sausage Patty
Nitrate–free Bacon
English muffins

Weekly Specials

(Chorizo, whole eggs, green onions, potatoes, queso fresco, cilantro)

Low Country Crab Cake Benedict

Johnny Hash
(Ground turkey, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, yellow onions,
jalapenos, taro root, tomato juice)

With The Grain
Assorted Bagels
Assorted breakfast breads
Assorted Scones & Muffins
Assorted Danishes

Extra Touches

Smoked salmon platter (capers & shaved red onion)
3 seasonal organic fruit jams, compotes, or marmalades
Cream cheese & Lite cream cheese, Low-fat cottage cheese
Low fat flavored cream cheeses: 3 daily from Izzy’s
Ketchup, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream

Margarine & Whipped Butter
Whipped TangerineCompound Butter

Isn’t this worth getting up early for? Anyone interested in coming in for breakfast? 🙂

One thought on “A Pig’s Heaven

  1. Jean: I’ve heard a lot of the famous xxxxx kitchen, the above menu is just a good proof. I start to feel hungry now… What is Tofu Scramble?

    It takes now about 20 minutes to go to work in the morning and about 10 minutes to get ready. I miss bagel, no bagel here in Manila…

    Jean’s Reply:
    JoyMocha MM,
    So sorry for the late reply. I must have turned off the email notification by accident and i didn’t see your comment till today…
    I haven’t tried Tofu scramble. But my guess is it uses tofu to replace egg all together. So many just scrambled tender tofu? i will try it next time and let you know how it tastes. I’ve heard another friend who now lives in beijing complains that the entire China is bagel free. His theroy is that in order to make bagel you need very good water and in China(since bagel needs to be boiled first?), the only place that have good enough water for bagel might be in yunnan. So his now wish to someday open a bagel shop in Yun-nan. 🙂
    I wonder why Manila has no bagel? is it because the temperature?
    BTW, i’ve been enjoying your photo blog lately. lovely! 🙂

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