Last Last Sunday: Sin Nombre

Started writing this almost two weeks ago, but got distracted and just had time to finish now…
It was a gorgeous day. We had a lovely brunch at Pork Store Cafe on Valencia, comparing to the original Pork Store on Height, the new branch in the Mission has a more spacious and upscale interior. The food was equally tasty.

Afterwards, we went for a hike up the Corona Height, admired the panorama view Downtown SF, the bay, Oakland and the mountains of east bay.

3rd stop was Golden Gate Park. We finally caught cherry blossom in full bloom. So pretty.

Then we headed to Kabuki to watch “Sin Nombre”.

It is a movie that ZM has been dying to see ever since we caught a glimpse of it during preview. I was somewhat interested. Gui and Matthew were not exactly enthusiastic. It turned out to be a great movie. We are all glad we saw it.

The movie had two plot lines. A Honduran girl Sayra embarked on a journey north with her father and uncle, out of Honduras, through Guatemala, caught a train in a small town in southern Mexico: Tapachula, and rode the train through Mexico. Their goal was to cross the border and to enter USA illegally. Another plot line was about a boy Willy Casper at Tapachula, Casper was a member of a deadly gang Mara Salvatrucha. The two plots were brought together in Tapachula. When both of them end up on the freight train going north.

It is easily one of the best movies i’ve seen. The acting was quiet but moving. The story was engaging. The characters were three dimensional. The cinematography was gorgeous, both of the landscape and of the people. The editing was flawless.

As the credits started to roll, both ZM and I were surprised to see a Japanese name showed up as director. Cary Fukunaga.

Matthew looked it up in his iPhone and started reading out Fukunaga’s quick bio while I drove us to dinner. He sounds so fascinating! “Grew up in Oakland, SF bay area. Japanese Father, Swedish Mother. This is his first movie. He wrote and directed.”

During dinner, i became the most lousy companion. I kept on looking up more info on Fukunaga, and almost missed my favorite dish. I kept up with my research after we got home and read till well past mid-night.

He is 32 years old and he is cute! 🙂

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  1. On Easter Sunday, I almost ended up watching it. It seems that I would give it a try. Thanks!

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