In the Momery of One Second  

The Matter of Words Budda Says...
I'd like to freeze time in that moment
As the clock’s second hand was moving towards noon,
   in a gray September morning
After you had granted my entrance to your fear
As we were walking towards the store,
   Western Mountaineering

Let the rest of the world continue with its endless chores,
   pursue its futile ambition
That moment belonged to you and me
As my hand reached for yours,
   your eyes found mime, shimmering

Let the train of the earth carry everyone else along,
   hurriedly towards their grand destination
I’d like to stay on the platform,
   drowning my senses with your warmth,
   tasting your proximity with my entire being, miss nothing.

I'm Zeus' beloved black sheep
I'm Athena's favorite warrior maiden
I'd like to exercise all the powers I had been given
I'd like to arrest Time in our dimension

The curve of your wounded hand
The imprint of your burning lips
The gliding tenderness your finger tip left on my skin
They turned into songs of my heart, singing

I had to lay them out on the tapes of my memory,
   track by track, one to eleven
Then, only then, maybe I would lift my finger off the "Pause" button
Let us move,
   to the next second