冒一小泡. 🙂

首先是买了新车. Subaru Outback 3.0R. 买回来第二天就开到海边沿着一号公路南下玩了一天. 一直是大风大雨的,没有给它拍照呢.我们的车是蓝色的(newport blue pearl). 因为是六缸的引擎,比以前的小白要力气大,开起来也很轻松,脚尖轻轻一点油门,就窜出去啦!

带了桂一起玩,她也喜欢.说是因为头顶的天窗超大,后座也很亮堂,在山里开可以抬头看树和山.后来还帮她去宜家拖家具.因为是 station wagon的车型,轻轻松松就把好大好长的家居包塞进去了.真是能干. 另外这一款是 Outback这个系列里最高档的车.里面装潢都不错,真皮椅子套,木头的镶边,直接连ipod的接口,可以记忆驾驶座椅子的设定的,自动变暗的后望镜,

卖小蓝的是一个很有趣的黑人老头.我们头天去看车,他看我们一眼,就把钥匙给了我们,说你们看上去面善,我相信你们是好人,自己去试车吧,我就不跟着了.还告诉我们高速什么的随便开.呵呵. 买完车,他和ZM勾肩搭背地成了忘年交. 还跟我们讲他几次试图退休都不成,在家里呆不住就又跑出来干活.还自己开过枪店.和联邦枪枝所啊黑帮啊什么的都打过交道. ZM说,他接触的黑人里,要不就是很坏的人,要不就是像这老头一样非常热情非常温暖的人.所以才觉得投缘.

买车的那个周末花钱上了瘾, 还跑到桂新搬去的小区看房子.一见钟情的爱上了那里的两套房子.间间有海景,又都是新的,面积好大,价钱又在我们预算之内,但是因为那个小区很新,周围的辅助设施一概没有,地点也离两个坏区很近,所以很挣扎.


办公室里的政治斗争也在新年有新的高峰.顶头上司突然得到一份国内的美差.甩手走人.于是他留下来的肥缺被大批人眼馋.我们几个旁观潮起潮落,一天三变的形势,看得很过瘾.不乏目瞪口呆的时刻.充满了戏剧性. 将来可以好好的写一本肥皂剧出来.

再有就是ZM给设计师马可新的无用系列拍的西藏”时装”在生活月刊杂志出版了.一月版.印的不错呢.大家去捧场.:) fotoyard 上面更全些,有些宽幅,所以要拉屏到最右边才能点下一个:无用.

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  1. 照片非常好!


  2. 哈哈。怎么这么巧。这个月我也刚把车卖了。

    旧的不去,新的不来. 拜年啦拜年啦! 🙂

  3. I am not a big fan of Peter Hessler; for all his pretensions otherwise, our Peter’s a cold, cold man. Example 1: do you remember how he described that cabbie who took it home for dumplings? Example 2: the thief he beat up in Dandong, by his own ad,mission, could be a starving North Korean refugee……

    And, you know, China Support Club could never hope to recruit me as a card-carrying member, but Peter is peddling too much of the usual anti-China cliches, in the best “Enemies of an enemy are my friends” tradition, for my taste. He is what I call a “multicultural chicken hawk”.

    是不是太苛刻了? 要是换了你我,刚刚受了移民局很多气,拿到绿卡,却在一次出门时被黑人抢,你我是不是也会怒火中烧? 再说他后来已经自责了.一点没看出来他比正常人怎么 cold 了.倒是觉得比起大多数国人,他要暖的多.
    and i don’t understand your second paragraph, what enemy? and who is enemy’s enemy?

  4. 1. “买车的那个周末花钱上了瘾,还跑到桂新搬去的小区看房子.一见钟情的爱上了那里的两套房子.间间有海景,又都是新的,面积好大,价钱又在我们预算之内”……这是哪儿啊?

    2. “马可的无用系列”…啊呀,怎么great minds 老是 think alike呢?咱们结婚吧…

    三番最南,蜡烛台体育场边上新盖的一个小区. 是很美的海湾景(不是真的海景).可惜地方不好.又是新区,什么辅助设施都没有,要买个油盐酱醋都得上101. 🙁

  5. 马可姐姐实为可人,“无用”也可以看作是对当前中国社会浮躁浅俗的一种批评态度。只是最近的一组以西藏为背景的系列,我看来有一点点 “Orientalist fetish” 的味道;而 fetish 者,文化消费也---这算不算 sell-out?

    What’s “三番最南”? South SF? Daly City? How much, if I may ask?

    “这个周末城里有不少房子开始挂招牌卖.价钱比两个月前又跌了”—this is SF? Is townhouse what you have in mind?

    In Shanghai, an apartment in the city that we feel livable will fetch ~ $500/sq. ft, by “construction space. Then of course you have to factor in the ~70% “construction space to living space conversion”. So, to compare apples to apples, it is like $700/sq.ft in US. Or $700K for a small condo.

    Count you luck and enjoy life, girlfriend……

    其实以西藏为背景那个系列,你有没有注意到没有一个大家熟识的西藏符号?比如经幡?比如布达拉宫这样的标志? 只不过是大山蓝天而已,如果说是来自南美的高原你也未必能说个不字.所以说和sell-out其实是很相反的. 🙂

    还是三番市内,只是最南的角落而已. Candlestick Point.
    全三藩的房市来看,这里是最便宜风景最好的了.可惜是属于臭名昭著的 bayview 那个区,所以学区很烂,将来卖房的风险就比较高因为不知道四五年后这个新小区会不会改变整个地区的气氛和环境. 都是公寓,我们看中的两套房子是去年新建的楼里: 1) 2 bd 2bath avg. 1050 sq. ft, full water view top floor, asking price $652K, HOA $328/month, 2) 3bd 2 bath, avg. 1400 sq. ft, Full waterview/stadium (3rd floor, total of 4 floors), asking for $709K, HOA $358/month. 都附带一个停车位.

    城里面的这种面积,没有风景可看的 800k-900k的样子. sunset 那边就是 独立房子, soma 就是 loft, 中心地区就是 TIC, Condo 之类的. 很希望房价继续跌,否则,可能还是回桂那里买了算.

  6. Jean的回复:
    “是不是太苛刻了? 要是换了你我,刚刚受了移民局很多气,拿到绿卡,却在一次出门时被黑人抢,你我是不是也会怒火中烧? 再说他后来已经自责了.一点没看出来他比正常人怎么 cold 了.倒是觉得比起大多数国人,他要暖的多.
    and i don’t understand your second paragraph, what enemy? and who is enemy’s enemy? ”

    Your analogy would have made more sense if Peter Boy was similarly physically threatened; but by his own admission (from what I remembered, since I read it a long time ago, and I no longer have it handy), no; the thief was barely more than a boy, or an adult with a boy’s physique due to starvation. Nevertheless, P. beat him up savagely; and he didn’t seem to feel too bad about it, judging from the tone of the article.

    Peter judges Chinese individuals by the degree they are marginalized by the society and, much more preferrably, the government. This is over-simplistic and often a pretty poor hit-and-miss, and a very convenient criterion for an intellectually and morally lazy Westerner.

    And, OK, I am not the warmest person on earth, but if I were taken by, say, a migrant worker to his home and enjoy his hospitality, I would probably be far more appreciative of my host’s human warmth, and would pay less attention to his dental condition or his garlic breath. But that’s our Peter.

    嗯.可是我喜欢他的书是因为他的观察和看法. 也许如你所说他对那个出租车司机不够博爱.可是如果你是 Peter 天天被人当敌人来看着,比方他不巧走进那个长城脚下的村子的竞选后被盘问了一天的事情,而且他这样的遭遇一定很多,所以我并不责备他也许会在有些时候觉得自己高人一等. 人无完人,他已经做的够好. 设身处地的替他想,如果换了是我一定比他冷酷苛刻cynical得多.

  7. “一点没看出来他比正常人怎么 cold 了.倒是觉得比起大多数国人,他要暖的多.”

    No offence, Jean, but how much do you know about “国人”?

    Different people exhibit their warmth in different ways. For instance, a Chinese would hardly be so surgically objective to Peter’s cabbie host; I see that as the sort of personal warmth that Americans don’t usually share. I have confronted my subordinates putting their own lucrative job on the line and speaking up for an almost-fired colleague; that act being right or wrong, I acknowledge this kind of what I call “rural loyalty” to their peers, which is, well, warm.

    There is much wisdom in the characterization of China being a “filthy warm place”, in contrast to Japan’s “clean cold place”.

    但是,后来我们才发现,义气的另一面就是如果你当我是朋友就不能和我有任何意见相左.我再错你都得站在我这一边,哪怕偶尔的时事评论都不能有不同意见,一点乐趣也无,更不要谈理性,谈宽容了.你,应该是深有感触的吧?相比之下我倒是宁愿舍了毫无原则性的义气,去换理性的思维和公平的辩论. even just a mere attempt at a fair debate is better than blind loyalty.

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