5 thoughts on “早春二月

  1. which one is new? the three on the top?

    哈哈,可见是没变化! 🙁

  2. Nice cat…

    one very unhappy cat! look at those ears! He couldn’t wait to get away… 真没良心… 🙁

  3. is this Joe? He doesn’t seem to like to give short haircuts.
    The new picture shows the haircut well.

    I thought you cut it real short like the picture in row 3, far right. But I remember that was when you went from “very long” to “very short”? Which stylist did this one?

    yeah, it is Joe. The shorthair was cut at Lagugu. I remember getting a not-as-short from Ming’s, i remember everyone (you and I included) liked it. I think maybe i should go there again next time. 🙂 craving for short hair right now. maybe cuz i really liked your new haircut!

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