3 thoughts on “失眠人的被套

  1. Big font gives me headaches and makes me read slower than usual. Cute, but not practical.

    Come to think of it, Classical Chinese text, with its concision (and vagueness of purport), such as Tao Te Ching, can provide for a nice content and more durable reading. Maybe one can eventually even make some sense of it (or discover quantum mechnics principles or relativity theory, as some patriots claimed) 😉

    换成中国古文!这个主意好,最好是行书. 多漂亮! 🙂

  2. BTW: the text on the quilt here is Grimm Brothers’ “Brier Rose”. Highly fitting for the bed (for everybody in that tale fell deeply alseep under a curse—until the Price came over and broke the curse with that cliche of a kiss), but hardly durable reading material for a grown woman. Perhaps she’s hopeful for that Kiss? 😉

    哈哈!谢谢解读!原来是格林兄弟!我想这个Grown Woman肯定属于你上次定义的小资一族.还是装嫩的那组.呵呵

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