Berry Creek Falls, Silver Falls, and Golden Cascades

April, 2001
Three programming monkeys decided to take on the number 1 hike of the Bay Area. Believe it or not, we finished all 12 miles of it under the predicted 6 hours (less than 5, in fact)!! The forecast has promised rain. We brought our sandals and poncho. Luckily we didn't have to use either. It was cold but dry. Dramatic cloud formations took over the western sky. It was a windy day, often we mistook the whistle of the leaves for the sound of upcoming waterfall.
01_Strenuous_Hike 02_Redwoods 03_Fern 04_Little_Brook 05_Lush
Feeling confident, we decided to mock this warning sign of the upcoming "Strenuous Hike". Starts with a typical redwoods valley... ...it became more lush. A little Brook So lush that ferns were growing out of rocks...
06_Maple 07_Japanese_Scene 08_First_glimpse_Berry_Creek_Falls 09_Sun_dance_on_waterfall 10_berrycreekfall
Our book said that the creek is the party central of a redwoods forest: ferns, wild flowers, even maples can be found along a creek. And the book was right! Mother nature has designed a Japanese garden in the heart of the forest... Turning around a corner, we had our first glimpse of Berry Creek Falls. Sun dances on the fall. Berry Creek Fall.
11_First_Sight_Silver_falls 12_Silver_Falls 13_Under_Silver_Falls 14_Under_Silver_Falls 15_Under_Silver_Falls
Continue uphill, we saw...Silver Falls. Silver_Falls Under Silver Falls. I've never been so close to a waterfall before! A real pretty one, too!
16_Above_Silver_Falls 17_Side_Silver_Falls 18_Side_Silver_Falls 19_From_Top_of_Silver_Falls 20_By_Golden_Falls
Steps led us to the top of Silver Falls. The creek jumped off the smooth rock cliff and went on its merried way to the next fall. We could feel the cool air current flew past us like a small whirl wind. Side view. View from the top of Silver Falls. By Golden Cascade.
21_Golden_slide 22_Golden_cascade 23_Village_idiots 24_Redwoods 26_Skyward
Golden slide. Golden cascades. "Village idiots." Redwoods Skyward
27_Papa_tree 28_Hiker_Beetle
Papa tree Hiker Beetle