Hiking Along California Coast on Christmas Day 2000, Big Sur

Cam invited us to go on his annual Christmas Day hike with his Dad. This year, it is the Partington Canyon at Big Sur. In my limited knowledge of coastlines, I always like to believe Big Sur is the most beautiful of them all. The rugged cliffs are evenly spaced along the pacific-looking Pacific ocean. Standing by this untamable yet serene nature's fine creation, I often believed that I could feel exactly how the first settler/adventuror had felt when he/she set foot on this land. The sense of wild-eyed wonder, and the sense of peace. The feeling of coming home finally and the feeling of being the lucky one.
bigSur bigSur_birdsEye bigSur_trees bigSur2 bigSur3
Big Sur Big Sur Seen From the Sky Through the Trees bigSur2.jpg bigSur3.jpg
bush_hallway CaliforniaPoppy cam_joaquin_hw1 CliffToSea coast
On top of the hill, the trail ended in a "no trespassing" sign. We took a side trail that was under an Arc Way formed by dried low bushy trees. California Poppy cam_joaquin_hw1.jpg Cliff To Sea The coast
creek_h creek_v going_downhill goingToSea goingToTheSun
We had lunch by this very clear creek. Apparently it is also a lady bug's colony. Cam accidentally crashed one of their settlements. Ooops! Sorry! Going downhill. The trail widened and we had the gorgeouse view of the Big Sur cliffs. Cam and Jean, going to sea goingToTheSun.jpg
Gui_InAction gui_matthew guiMatthew_shadow highway1 IdLikeToLiveHere
Action Shot! Matthew and Gui Shadow Highway 1 I'd like to live HERE!
jeanCam joaquin mesmerized mountains_ocean_sky ocean_plants_cam
Jean and Cam Joaquin - a happy trail dog! Mesmerized mountains, ocean, and sky Ocean, wild plants, and Cam
oceanOutsideOfMyWindow plants purpleFlowers straightTrees sunlight_reflection
The ocean outside of my "window." Gui's favorite... purple flowers A group of super straight trees on the far hill. Sunlight reflection on the peaceful ocean
sunset_bigsur sunset_fleeting Sunset_tide sunset1 sunset2
Sunset over bigsur Fleeting sunset Waves under sunset A perfect sunset
sunset3 trail trail_mountain_ocean tree_ocean_clouds tree_ocean_clouds_s
sunset3.jpg trail.jpg Trail, mountain, and ocean Trees, ocean, and clouds ocean
The Valley of Sun