Russian Ridge Open Space Reserve March 1, 2003

It has been almost a year since the three of use went hiking together. The gorgeous Spring air made us drunk. After our starting-to-be-normal Sunday Yoga class, we went for a hike at Russian Ridge Open Space Reserve. It was a 4.4 miles hike. Gui and I realized how out of practice we have been with walking. :O
Since it is called Open Space Reserve, there are naturally lots of space. We walked on the ridges of coastal mountains. Half of the time we had an unobstructed view of the entire bay; another half of the time, we were able to see the Pacific ocean shimmering in the distance... Hopefully this is the beginning of another hiking season for us.

RussianRidge007 RussianRidge009 RussianRidge011 RussianRidge016 RussianRidge020 RussianRidge024
RussianRidge029 RussianRidge031 RussianRidge032 RussianRidge033 RussianRidge034 RussianRidge037
RussianRidge041 RussianRidge045