Tidepool and Waterfall, Mar. 17, 2001

Two excellent hiking choices by Gui: Tidepool walk at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay), and Brooks Falls Loop at San Pedro Valley County Park (Pacifica).
- The trails above the cliff by the tidepool was a surprise for us. Wind-sculpted cypress trees framed the beach down below and the ocean that extending to the horizon. It reminded us of the untamed Irish coastal landscape in "Ryan's Daughter". Check out Gui and Matthew's pictures of the hike.
- Through out the entire hiking trail up the Brooks Falls, the air was filled with the smell of eucalyptus. You can find a picture of the actual "waterfall" at Gui and Matthew's page.
01_StartingPoint 02_anemone 03_tidePoolCreatures 04_Reef 05_starfish
01_StartingPoint 02_anemone 03_tidePoolCreatures 04_Reef 05_starfish
06_anemone 07_beach 08_friends 09_risingtide 10_AHermitCrab
06_anemone 07_beach 08_friends 09_rising tide 10_A Hermit Crab!
11_resting 12_cliff 13_sandybeach 14_rockyshore 15_wildflower_ocean
11_resting: What did you do to the feet? 12_cliff: Ah, the wild and sufferring days when I was in love... 13_sandybeach 14_rockyshore 15_wildflower_ocean: what might the tide bring?
16_cypress_ocean 17_sneakPreview 18_shine 19_symphony 20_blueflower
16_cypress_ocean... 17_sneakPreview 18_shine 19_symphony 20_blueflower
21_windsculpture 22_windybeach 23_you_shall_enter 24_dream 25_icePlant
21_windsculpture... 22_windybeach 23_you_shall_enter 24_dream 25_icePlant
26_pacifica 27_eucalyptus 28_eucalyptusGrove 29_mistOverMtn 30_fogRollingIn
26_pacifica: on top of the Brooks Falls Trail. 27_eucalyptus: nature's attempt at oil painting. 28_dense eucalyptus grove 29_mist Over Mtn 30_fog Rolling In