Planet Granite * San Francisco

We checked out the new Planet Granite in San Francisco’s Crissy Field during the Blue Angel weekend. The view from inside of the gym was breathtaking. The entire bay, from Golden Gate Bridge, to Alcatrez, to the skyline of downtown SF were captured by those floor to ceiling glass windows of this “Glass Palace”.

Only today did we experience what it was like to climb in a glass palace.

As you laid back from the edge of the rock, or were hanging on the rope to take a break, you could enjoy the view of the bay, of alcatrez, of the bridge or the sail, or people jogging along the waterfront. It felt like climbing outdoors.

The routes were excellent, the “rock” textures and its curvature are always my favorite. It is so much more interesting than mission cliff’s plain straight up and down flat surface. The soaring heights are a bit intimidating. My being so out of shape didn’t help. But i really enjoyed the bouldering and the last crack route. Another attraction of this place it is expensive bouldering areas, they seem to be everywhere and so many interesting terrains.

The best feature of this Planet Granite is its location with its breathtaking view, the worst feature of this Planet Granite is its location, which is so far north in the city and there is hardly any easy public transportation near by. It took us over 30 minutes to get to it from Gui’s place. Now i wish this place had been here when we were living in NOPA. Would have been so much closer. I could imagine myself drop in for an hour or so bouldering in the morning, or the evening…

Today we could enjoy the gym almost completely to ourselves because i took the day off. Not sure how often I could do this. But i would try to come more often and enjoy what this amazing place has to offer. Looking forward to get back to climbing…hmmm…sweaty palms…

Plante Granite * San Francisco
924 Old Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129
t. (415) 692 – 3434
f. (415) 692 – 3443

Monday – Friday: 6am – 11pm
Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Light Blue Dawn

Usually i couldn’t function very well when I don’t get 8 hours sleep a day. Something unthinkable happened lately. Insomnia. I started to wake up super early. Sometime as early as 3am in the morning. Most often it was 5am or 6am.

One saving grace out of these sleep deprived days is I get to see the light blue dawn again. I loved it when i could watch the little hill and houses stood gingerly out of the morning mist, light blue mist.

Autumn in San Francisco

What a beautiful weekend we just had! The quality of light in the Fall is always the most gorgeous. Today was especially golden and warm. One’s heart can’t help but melt in such times.

Things that’s worth noting:

  • A Book “The Man Time Forgot”: Extremely interesting material, but not very satisfactorily told. Mainly the characters are not fleshy enough. Too much like reporting the long forgotten facts, not enough details to make it a real biography. characters stayed flat. The story stayed as a longer version of journalistic creation.
  • A Movie “The Religulous”: Like a longer version of Bill Maher show, not as entertaining.
  • A Restaurant “Aperto” on Potrero Hill in the City. Lovely neighborhood! Lovely Restaurant. Finally a local Italian restaurant that i’d like to go back to. Yummy Lamb Shank! and Chocolate souffle. Quite a few good restaurants on the little block, and a very nice bookstore called Christopher’s.
  • A Climbing Gym in Crissy Field “Planet Granite”: Unbelievable view of the bay and the city through its giant floor to ceiling windows. So many boulder walls. Too bad it is so far north in the city, too hard to get to. Would have been nice when we were living on Cole. But maybe we could pick a weekday morning, since it opens at 6am? We shall see.
  • An Air Show “Blue Angels”. Enough Sad. Especially in a day as beautiful as this…

Life is good. [sigh]

Informative Session on American Finance

Recommended by Very informative radio program, explaining today’s financial crisis, how did it happen and why did it happen, how does everything interconnect?

Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg explain the fundamentals:

The first program they did for “This American Life”, This Giant Pool of Money

The second program they did, Another Frightening Show About the Economy

I have been listening to this all night. I listened to the second program twice, and certain sections multiple times cuz it is so complicated.

Watching me listening to this over and over again, mom laughed, “All Chinese have turned into Chemists, and all Americans have turned into Economists/Financial Experts.” Funny, but sad, too.

Finally got to the end of the second program. so the final bill came out Senate and House is actually the best bill that could be done. The fact someone get the stock injection plan into the bill is a huge comfort. So maybe there is still some hope for democracy… we shall see.