Warm Winter

Was Thanksgiving always this pleasant, weather wise?
It only rained on black Friday. The rest of the four day weekend was sunny and warm. The breeze was so soft and sunny that it felt more like Spring rather than Winter.

Today I was able to sit on the beach and read New Yorker for an hour. It was warm, wind-less, gorgeous waves, and herds of pleasantly surprised beach goers just like me strolling up and down the beach, sunbathing, or making sand castles. This kind of beach day doesn’t happen very often on this Northern California shore.


Letter from China by Evan Osnos

There is now a new Beijing correspondence for the New Yorker, while Peter Hessler has remained quiet lately, the new guy’s name is Evan Osnos. The last profile he did for Hu Shuli left a strong impression on me. Yesterday i just read his latest on Chinese Romance with Red Wine. Fascinating.

What’s more, i discovered that he keeps a blog on the new yorker site, Letter from China. Currently it has some interesting entries on Obama’s recent visit. Quite a few insights on why China won’t go along with the US’s mission on Iran, but also call out the better than expected agreement on renewable energy, and last but not the least, interesting description of the life of Obama’s press corp in China.

I’m making my way slowly into his archives, just got into middle of October 2009. Feeling great that there are so many more months left to be read. The author description on the blog also mentioned that he is working on a book on China. How cool!