“We want red food!”

Meal menu at our company cafes are color coded. Green means healthy. Red means unhealthy, Yellow means somewhere in the middle. The cafe in our building happens to be one of the healthiest among them all. It means when you walk in there, most days you see only green and yellow colored items on the menu.

We had some engineers from an Asian partner company coming and working with us for a week recently. By the third day, they had the color code figured out. When their host, to save time, took them go the cafe downstairs, they solemnly demanded, “We want red food! Red means delicious!”

Contacts Sync for iPhone

One major pain of changing mobile phone used to be the difficulty of contact syncing, until Android came along. We are all started building up our contact info in the Gmail Contacts. and switching phones requires zero effort to get the same group of contacts show up instantly.

Well, until you have to switch to an non-android phone. Noah has been chewing on my android so much that it finally gave in. Today i had to switch my sim back into the Iphone 3G i have been using around the house as a clock. I was so shocked to find out i had zero contact when i tried to call Gui this afternoon. Then i remembered iTune updated my iphone recently.

After being spoiled by Android for so long, i had no plan of entering my contact by hands back into a phone. So i found out about this: Macs inside Google: OS x.10.5.3: Sync Google Contacts.

Worked like a charm.