New Yorker Digest

Whatever reading time that I had has been allocated mainly for my new favorite – Kindle. Miraculously, i did manage to squeeze in a few New Yorker articles along the way, constantly trying to rescue the fragile magazine from Noah’s grasp.

1. (May 2, 2011) The Consequentialist – How the Arab Spring remade Obama’s foreign policy. by Ryan Lizza

I heard Ryan Lizza talking to Terry Gross while i was driving home. Upon arriving home, i found this new issue has just arrived! I dug into the article right away.  Typical of anything Obama related in the New Yorker, this is a fascinating read. I want to quote the entire article!  Instead, i will just leave this little teaser here:

During the peak of the protests in Iran, Jared Cohen, a young staffer at the State Department who worked for Slaughter, contacted officials at Twitter and asked the company not to perform a planned upgrade that would have shut down the service temporarily in Iran, where protesters were using it to get information to the international media. The move violated Obama’s rule of non-interference.

White House officials “were so mad that somebody had actually ‘interfered’ in Iranian politics, because they were doing their damnedest to not interfere,” the former Administration official said. “Now, to be fair to them, it was also the understanding that if we interfered it could look like the Green movement was Western-backed, but that really wasn’t the core of it. The core of it was we were still trying to engage the Iranian government and we did not want to do anything that made us side with the protesters. To the Secretary’s credit, she realized, I think, before other people, that this is ridiculous, that we had to change our line.” The official said that Cohen “almost lost his job over it. If it had been up to the White House, they would have fired him.”

2. (April 25, 2011) Brand-New Bag – The man from Coach goes upscale. (Reed Krakoff), by Ariel Levy

I was more mesmerized by the description of his townhouse in Upper East Side, NYC; than by his fashion line. Impatiently finished reading the article (afraid of missing any bits of description of his house), i went on-line and found this article from Vogue:

Reed and Delphine Krakoff: Design for Living

Krakoff Living Room

Krakoff Living Room

Cool Sheep Chairs

Cool Sheep Chairs

3. (April 18, 2011) The Grand Tour – Chinese vacations in Europe, by Evan Osnos. Other than “Chinese” are the new “Japanese” in the tourism, it is interesting to see the places Chinese grand tour includes, e.g. Karl Marx’s birthplace: Trier, Germany

Kindle Screen Saver

丰子恺 - Kindle Screen Saver

丰子恺 - Kindle Screen Saver

Over the weekend, i just jail-broke my kindle to install a Chinese themed screen saver. During the process, i learned that previous Kindle edition allowed user to customize the screen saver with images of their choice. With Kindle 3 (even Kindle 2.x?), however, the screen saver is locked down. One has to jail break it before installing her own screen saver.

It seemed a silly product decision.

Until this morning when i read this: Amazon to Sell the Kindle Reader at a Lower Price, but With Advertising Added.