Dynamic Blogger View

It is really good to see new life comes to Blogger!

Fresh new perspective for your Blog

Some designs are inspirational. This is one of them.
Seeing these slick new UI makes me want to code again. Or at least to understand how it is done!

Looking forward to see more launches from the blogger team!

2 thoughts on “Dynamic Blogger View

  1. Jean, since last week, I failed to post photos to my blog using Picasa’s “blog it” function, the photos would appear to post successfully then disappeared after some time. I first thought it was because I reached the free storage limit so I purchased additional google limit, but the errors still persisted, every photos I posted became error size in the blog, so frustrating, I browsed and found out this problem actually happened to many people and somehow the google experts have not been able to fix it for almost a month now. really hope somebody can fix this google product problem soon…

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