Matisse and Picasso

FZ sent me a series of discussion she has found on a Chinese BBS regarding Picasso. It reminded me of a lovely show–Matisse Picasso(second half of the page) –I saw earlier this year.

The following was from my diary (paper and pen edition) entry in February, after I’ve seen the show at MOMA, Queens:

It was by far the best painting show I’ve seen anywhere in the world. Walking from room to room, smiling dreamily to the beautiful paintings on the wall. For the first time I understood the beauty of Picasso’s cubism period. For the first time, I found his Les Demoiselles d’Avignon beautiful. The geometric shapes, triangular faces, the smooth coloration, the large, African mask-like eyes, and the abstraction of life do have beauty.

I really like his “Three Musicians”, too. Even though I do respond to Matisse’s coloring, choice of intimate moment, and the general quality of softness and joy (“Three dancers” is my favorite); I have to admit that I enjoy Picasso’s paintings more. They seem to have a more masterly air and effortless quality. The geniuses of effortlessness are unmistakable. The results are often perfect. Just look at those large women with water jars and wearing Greek tunic, and the woman in a red chair. Smooth lines and beautiful forms!

I spent three hours lingering in the show rooms, greedily absorbing the sight and “taste”. What a feast for the eyes.