The 84th Oscars

As per our tradition, we had Gui and M over for dinner + Oscar viewing last night. Unfortunately Noah was in one of his fuzzy mood. But thank to M’s astonishing ability to keep Noah entertained, I actually managed to watch most of the show.

Most of the dresses are not bad looking this year, which is a vast improvements from previous couple of years. maybe it is another sign the economy is indeed picking up? Ugly dresses == recession?

The first surprise for us was how much Billy Crystal heavily made up face looked like the Chinese actor who used to play Mao Ze Dong.

Funny quote from David Denby at the New Yorker “Culture Desk”

Angelina Jolie, mounting her own pedestal as America’s sex symbol, thrust a very powerful right thigh out from a slitted black dress (the rest of her looked as lean and steely as a piece of gym equipment; you saw the skull beneath the skin). A bit later, one of the screenwriters on “The Descendants”—Jim Rash, slender, bald, and bespectacled—did the same thing with his tuxedoed leg, a neat bit of parody. Rash has been around a long time, essentially as a TV scriptwriter. With that spirit, someone should turn him loose with a movie of his own

A funny tweet from someone i’ve never heard before

Chris Rock, stop being genuinely funny – it’s very jarring.

Here is Chris Rock’s bits that comes so natural and so funny comparing to the rest of the show:

“I love animation,” he says. “I love animation because in the world of animation, you can be anything you want to be. If you’re a fat woman you can play a skinny princess. If you’re a short wimpy guy, you can play a tall gladiator. If you’re a white man you can play an Arabian prince. And if you’re a black man, you can play a donkey, or a zebra. You can’t play white, my God!”

Rock has done his fair share of animated work, including a zebra in the “Madagascar” movies. He would like you all to know that it wasn’t difficult. “I hate when people go on TV and tell you how hard it is to do animations. ‘Oh, Jay, it’s such hard work.’ No no no, UPS is hard work. Stripping wood is hard work,” he says, explaining that for animation, he just had to go into a studio and read his lines out loud.

“And then they give me a million dollars,” he added.

The Cirque du Soleil show was very cool! Almost made me want to watch a Cirque Du Soleil show live…

I’m happy that Meryl Streep won the best actress award. Apparently she hasn’t gotten one since 1982 (Sophie’s Choice). Even though she is the most nominated actor for Academy Awards (total of 17!) The New Yorker did a good summary of all the wonderful acceptance speeches she has been given at various award ceremonies. Her last night’s addition to the collection is equally funny and moving: “A Meryl Streep’s performance condensed in three minutes.”

As for the ultimate price — the Best Picture award — I don’t feel strongly about any of the movies (even though i’ve only seen half of the nominated films). I did see both Hugo and The Artist. Personally I like Hugo a little more. Kinda like last year’s oscars, The Social Network would have been my pick because it is a more interesting movie.