Opera 7.0

Finally downloaded Opera 7.0 for Windows yesterday. It was absolutely love at first sight!

I like how it organizes all the open browsers within one Opera window, and list them as tabs. Now my task bar is all clean. The auto-blocking of pop-up windows is also a HUGE plus. Now i can view Gui and Matthew’s site without being annoyed by the gazillion pop-up ads. 🙂 I haven’t figured out all the interesting features yet. Today I accidently saw the auto-listing of all the links from each page. That was neat.

However, Opera’s M2 mail system doesn’t display Chinese encoding correctly. 🙁 and it doesn’t handle certain aspect of javascript correctly. I can’t use it to check outlook mails, nor can i write this weblog using moveable types (it won’t show the B, i, URL buttons on top of this editor window). it also doesn’t seem to handle a javascripted tree correctly. Not sure if it is inherited from Netscape though.

Despite all these, I still like it and have changed all my file associations from IE to Opera. Even start to love that little red “O” icon now. 🙂

Interesting sites:
Excellent Panorama(360degree) thanks to luanKan– you need a good connection, lots of data needs to get through. Lovely colors!
My favorites include the following (shift to zoom in):
Week 45 Tulambe Wreck at Bali (Scuba Diving!)
Week 46 Basilica Santa Maria, Rome Italy (Lovely ceiling)
Week 51 Crater Lake in Snow, Oregon
Week 29-30 Olympic Rain Forest, Queets River, Olympic National Park, Washington
Week 43 Shanghai People’s Square
Week 49 Grutas de Cristal, Karst Cave in Arag¨®n Spain
Week 12 Cyprus Church
Week 18 At the foot of Mount Whitney-Sierra Nevada
Week 25 Peterman Island Antarctis

East 100th Street by Bruce Davidson – thanks to cvc: speechless…