Clouding the Air

In contrary to what is happening in Iceland, this is what is happening in the US.

The New Yorker/The Talk of the Town/Comment
Clouding the Air
Issue of 2003-09-29

On a slightly different note, try this FreshAir interview with Economist Paul Krugman.

Krugman has collected the last three years of his New York Times op-ed columns in the new book, The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century. In the preface he writes that the book is “a chronicle of the years when it all went wrong again — when the heady optimisim of the late 1990s gave way to renewed gloom. It’s also an attempt to explain the how and why: how it was possible for a country with so much going for it to go downhill so fast, and why our leaders made such bad decisions.” Krugman teaches at Princeton University.

Am I biased? If half of Krugman’s pessimistic prediction comes true, don’t feel bad about the economy just yet, it is going to get much worse. This gets me thinking of the Reagan years. I remembered the silicon valley as a much much gloomier place in the early 1990’s. And if i’m not mistaken, that was right after Reagan era, correct? If that’s any indication, and if the current Administration win (God help America) election 2004, we are in for some really hard days ahead! :((((((((