The Blues

There is probably no American filmmaker whose movies are more colored by¡ªeven, sometimes, propelled by¡ªmusic than Martin Scorsese¡¯s, so music fans have been eagerly looking forward to the seven-part PBS series ¡°The Blues,¡± for which he served as executive producer. At the beginning of the first film in the series, ¡°Feel Like Going Home,¡± which Scorsese also directed, he says, ¡°I can¡¯t imagine my life, or anyone else¡¯s, without music. It¡¯s like a light in the darkness that never goes out.¡±
-quote from next week’s New Yorker magazine BLUES CLUES, by NANCY FRANKLIN

In addition to Martin Scorsese, the other six directors for the other six parts are:
– Wim Wenders¡¯s ¡°The Soul of a Man¡±
– Richard Pearce¡¯s ¡°The Road to Memphis¡±
– Charles Burnett’s ¡°Warming by the Devil¡¯s Fire¡±
– Marc Levin’s ¡°Godfathers and Sons¡±
– Mike Figgis¡¯s ¡°Red, White & Blues¡±
– Clint Eastwood’s “Piano Blues”

All seven will be shown consecutively starting tomorrow(9/28) till next Saturday (10/4). For SF Bay Area, it will be airing on PBS9 (KQED)

Another quote from the New Yorker article:

…the grizzled bluesman Son House laying down the law about what the blues is (¡°Ain¡¯t but one kind of blues. And that consists between male and female that¡¯s in love¡±)¡ª