Recall is Over

…and we fell, we fell into the night and darkness…

Bay Area stood out like a sore thumb in the state. We voted exactly opposite to the rest of the state. See the lovely Recall Map, the red is roughly equivalent to “No on Recall, No on Terminator”. The two counties that lead the pack are wonderful San Francisco (where I always want to live) and Alameda (where my entire family currently live). Yes, I’m very proud of that.

Check out this article for some interesting statistics on how we been voting throughout the years.

Even my even-tempered mom was outraged at the result, “We should let Southern California keep that actor as their governor! They can keep their rubbish hollywood, we will keep silicon valley.” Sounds good to me. 🙂

Oh well, California is in for some rough ride. We will see how Terminator is going to balance our budget and earn his respect among the sea of cynical democrats. Did anyone listen to Bustamante’s few words to our new governor? Here it goes, “I want to congratulate our new governor [booo! from the audience]. I’d like to pledge my full support. I know he is a famous actor, making movies all over the world. I’d like him to know that he can continue doing that. [LAUGH from audience] Go wherever he wants, stay however long he must. I will always be here to keep an eye on things.”

I wonder when will he realize this is not a movie? I wonder what he will do when he finds out there is no script to follow, no director to tell him what to do? And all those teenager fans won’t be able to land him a hand when it comes to legistation and rules and laws? But then again, politics is another kind of show-biz, isn’t it? I wish him the best of luck. I wish California the best of luck.

Hmmm… Since this is a start, shall we give him 11 months and try the whole Recall gig again in 2004?

Just kidding!

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  1. I like Swaschinger (perhaps the spelling of his name was incorrect) Don’t be worrying about his in charge of your state. He may bring you a lot of entertainment fou your leisure time. It sounds well, Dosn’t it? In general, I appreciate his performance as well as his special technology in making pictures.

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