Lagugu Salon

AfterGot another haircut this weekend. Went to a new place: Lagugu Salon @ Milpitas. I liked their decor much better than my haircut. 🙁 The sideview is a little better than the front view. Mi suggested that I could walk sideways only. :((( Anyway, Lagugu is much less spacious than Ming’s, but a lot more busy, and more expensive, too. Everyone else has been telling me the new haircut is slick, though. Maybe it is just me.

Here are some pix. I’m off to buy some hats. 😐
waiting_area BonnieGettingHerHaircut

2 thoughts on “Lagugu Salon

  1. Meow! It’s not that short. It’s a little difficult to see what the haircut look like from the picture. You look VERY unhappy though. 🙁

  2. I guess I start to get used to it. It is not so bad anymore. Still feel a bit silly sometimes. 🙁

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