Have been spending lots lots of time going through some wonderful Chinese weblogs. 🙂 I wonder why there seems to be more good Chinese weblogs than English ones. Is it because Chinese inherently is a better language? Or is it because my reading nerve is Made in China, so I respond to Chinese more? Or maybe my reading habit is going through phases, and currently I happen to land in Chinese phase. Hmmm… It is probably all coming down to statistics and there are simply too many Chinese people, so even the good versus bad ratio is the same as English weblogs, Chinese ones won out right by volumns. heehee.

Anyway, here is a really well done travelogue (in English!): V A G A B O N D I N G. I love its design, layout, coloring, organization, etc. etc. But I don’t find its actual travel stories particular interesting, other than being informative. Am I being snobish? I think, I could be wrong, he is traveling as a tourist. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I do that, too. But if I have a year to travel the same route (what a wonderful route it is! Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Jordan, Uganda, Malawi, etc. etc.) I will do it differently…

2 thoughts on “VAGABONDING

  1. Really? I find it hard to come across really good Chinese weblogs. I guess girls and guys have different standards when it comes to “good writing.” :p (For example, the ones you like are exclusively female blogs, most of which just don’t appeal to me that much. No offense.)

    I like Vagabonding too. I found it via a few months ago.

  2. Good, share with us some Good Male English weblogs, then. 🙂 I’d love to check them out.

    I don’t follow exclusively female webloggers. About Last Night, Where is Raed?, 1984(chinese) are all by male writers and they are GOOD.

    I was just thinking, when it comes to weblog, maybe i’m interested in the person behind the weblog more than the writing itself. Women seem to be more mysterious, more interesting to get to know; while men are mostly simpletons, so easy to see through. haha. i sound like a sexist.

    Good writing is hard to come by, i’d love to read something as good as “Where is Raed?” So share away! waiting…

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