A Female War Correspondent

Heard this on Freshair tonight on my drive home: Rebuilding Iraq. Foreign correspondent Elizabeth Rubin talked about confessing to a Kashmir militant that she is Jewish, shortly before Daniel Pearl dissappeared, attending a wedding on the women side of the house in Afghanistan, witnessing fellow journalist got blowing into pieces in northern Iraq, and in general what it was like to be a female war correspondent, the pros and cons. She sounded so lively and full of warmth. My favorite part was when she was in Afghanistan, visiting a woman Madrasa (sp.?) where she had a chat with a very religious muslin woman. She asked Elizabeth what was her religion, she answered, “oh, a mix of everything, a bit islam, christianity, … you know, the American kind, the intermarriage and stuff. I don’t really believe in any one god.” The woman was shocked (here Elizabeth imitated her accent which was funny), “No religion? Don’t you feel like a rolling stone?” Elizabeth laughed, “It is such a wonderfully beautiful way to express what her religion does for her!”

Here is Elizabeth’s article published in the past Sunday’s New York Times(10/12/2003):The Battle Within