Google and M$: Partners or Rivals?


This headline from today’s New York Times Technology section almost gave me a heartattack. 🙁 You could’ve heard this long and desperate sounding “NOOOOOOOOO!” echoing in my head.
Microsoft and Google: Partners or Rivals? By JOHN MARKOFF and ANDREW ROSS SORKIN

Google recently began meeting with bankers to prepare for
its initial public offering as it was still exploring a
merger with Microsoft.

This is an interesting idea: “Dutch Auction”

The company, which maintains tens of thousands of computers to help locate information on the Web almost instantly, has also explored the idea of a so-called Dutch auction, bypassing Wall Street and selling shares directly to investors. Such an approach could give it distance from scandal-plagued investment banking deals of the dot-com era as well as create a huge base of small shareholders.

The auction route is said to appeal to Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who are known for their fascination in pursing technical solutions to many different kinds of problems.

And this is why M$ is interested in Google: If it is better than me, kill it; if I can’t kill it, buy it and then kill it. The lovely concept of ownership.

Google’s ability to stir Silicon Valley into a frenzy has also brought back memories here of Netscape, another start-up firm whose own initial public offering in 1995 helped touch off the dot-com explosion. Netscape once threatened Microsoft with a software browser that promised to be an alternative to its overwhelmingly dominant computer operating system.