Under Siege

(* problem solved, see detail at the end…*)

That’s how I feel right now, like a trapped animal. Not sure where to turn.

This whole thing is so absurd.

There is this Chinese female columnist who writes a sex column for a relatively famous Chinese newspaper. She started writing a weblog detailing her personal sex life starting this summer. Her weblog was THE most famous in China, and because of it, weblog became mainstream in one summer in China.

I liked her writing, she is honest and a marvelous writer. So I praised her once in my Chinese weblog. The entire post was less than 50 words, one paragraph only. That was three weeks ago. During this past weekend, I started to notice that people who ended up on my Chinese weblog page by searching for her name or her blog name on google. I thought it funny. The traffic wasn¡¯t too much higher than normal so I didn¡¯t pay much attention to it.

Lo and behold, today my website traffic is 900% the normal and fast approaching 1000%. Now I got worried and dug out the actual google query that led them here. Guess what?! My Chinese weblog was number one on Google query result page if you search for HER NAME or HER WEBLOG NAME! WHAT the F**K! :(((((((

Google is so seriously busted.

Now I don¡¯t know what to do. Imagine all those people expecting some juicy details ended up on my boring page! Imagine all my precious bandwidth eaten away by all these stupid clicks!

I took down my Chinese weblog and replaced it with one page disclaimer. On it, I copied that paragraph which caused me all these trouble.

Still, those clicks kept on coming in. I¡¯m watching my bandwidth quota disappearing into nowhere with astonishing rate¡­

I¡¯m blocking Google bot for sure. Not sure how much longer my monthly quota will sustain the rest of the site. Oh Well! Moral of the story is: Never underestimate the power of Chinese people. If everyone of them makes one click on a link to your site, that makes 1.3 billion hits!

It turned out that Google allows the webmaster to remove any page from Google’s index. If you had ever had the same problem, go here. Register and list the page you want removed. Before doing so, make sure you put in the following meta tags in the page you want to remove.

Disallow indexing and archiving:
replace square bracket with angle bracket.

Google will remove them from their index within 24 hours. Whewww! That was close… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Under Siege

  1. Thank you for the encouragement, FZ and LK! 🙂
    Google has removed my Chinese weblog main page from their index database. So I’ve put them back on-line… Safe for now. heehee.

    danzhu, sorry to hear about memo.51.net. Looks like you are back on-line as well. Hopefully your site will be alright today… Good Luck!

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