After the Storm…

It seems this storm is officially over. 🙂 I’ve never been so happy to watch my website traffic slowed to a halt. heehee.

The culprit was an intro of that Chinese blogsphere sex symbol, which made to the largest Chinese news site: One should never underestimate the power of traditional paper-based media, combined with popular web search engine that lies!

And here is the damage report:

Yesterday’s statistics:
Hits: 56£¬217
Files: 51£¬348
Pageviews: 17£¬624
Sessions: 12£¬430
KB sent: 345£¬473

Average daily statics prior to yesterday:
Hits: 1,822 – 5,826
Files: 1,192 – 3,610
Pageviews: 560 – 1,946
Sessions: 143 – 202
KB sent: 12,411 – 35,387

As you can see, it was roughly 10 times my peak traffic.

Looks like my current monthly transfer allowance could withstand another 10 days of such abuse. Yipee! Hat’s off to my web hosting company: One on One Internet, which weathered this storm with style. Thank you!