Bored in Narita

Just a quick hello from Tokyo. 🙂 I’m waiting for my connection flight back to SFO. It has been a pretty neat week. 190 digital pictures and about 120 pictures on film. You’d have to be patient till I compile them into web pages. When will they have power outlet in the economy class cabin? Then I would be able to work on them in the unbelieveablely long flight… 🙁

Bangkok is not the hottest city I’ve ever been (Phoenix was hotter temperature-wise), but it was the most unbearable heat I’ve ever endured. Is it because of the humidity? Not sure, but my brain simply stopped functioning after a couple of hours outdoors. 🙁 Later I realized the best way to co-op is to get up early and do all the outdoor stuff before 11am, then go hide! 🙂 Come out again in the afternoon around 4pm like some kind of caved animal. ha.

Phuket was ROMANTIC! The most relaxing beach resort I’ve ever been to. I’m yet to formulate a reason why it is so, comparing to Galapagos, Baja California -Cabo San Lucas, and southern California.

Anyway, my minutes is running out. Will report more when I get back!