My first roundtrip with jetBlue airline. Is United absolutely the worst airline out there? Why I’m falling in love with every new airline I’ve ever tried? Last year’s flight to Ecuador was with AA, and I loved it. Now it is jetBlue. People working for this airline, from the check-in counter to the onboard staff are absolutely superb. I haven’t seen such friendly smiles from complete strangers since my Tokyo trip in 1998.

Talking about “Thinking out of the box”. Based on my observations during my first and only trip, jetBlue does a few things differently that makes complete sense:
1) no on-board meal, just snacks, thus reducing overhead and flight-attendents’ burden, is that why they seem so much less stressed?

2) no movies, instead, everyone has his/her own little screen that connects to DirectTV. So instead of enduring the same movie and/or programms with the rest of the passengers, you watch TV. As one of my company e-staff mentioned, they have 3 ESPN channels. 🙂

3) no first-class, business-class seatings. everyong goes coach.

4) price simplification. The only price differentiation is based on how early you
book the flight. The earlier the cheaper. I booked my flight for this Memorial’s Day long weekend one week prior to departure, and it is $200 per trip, $400 round trip. That’s a fabulous deal comparing to United ($1600!)

Even the passengers seem less stressed than the ones i’ve seen on United. On my way in on Friday, the flight was completely full. The announcer opened our trip by telling us that our pilot used to be operating a fighter jet for the air force, and he has told the pilot to be a bit gentler with our flight. Then the announcer proceed to say that every jet of the fleet has a name and it all starts with “blue”. The one we were on was called “blue moon” (okay, this is probably just a chicky thing, but i do dig it :)). He told us that it was one of the “older” flight, it was over a year old. It hasn’t paid for itself yet, so please go easy on spilling juice onto the carpet. etc. etc. It was personnal, casual, and funny.

Given the current economy, jetBlue pulled off two complete full planes on both of my trips. Rather impressive. Even just for the sincere smiles i’ve been etting throughout the airplane, I, for one, truely hope they will make it. Go Blue!