Thailand (Cats & Dogs)

Cats and dogs were ubiquitous in Thailand. None of them seemed to be owned by a family or a booth in the market. It was rather the other way around. They chose a place to rest or dwell and that was that. And their choices were varied, in a shopping basket at a store corner, under the chair of the vendor, above the piles of flowers or merchandise, under the tree in the peaceful yard of wat. No one questioned their existence. They seemed to have more rights to be there than anyone else.

While we wondered around in Bangkok¡¯s narrow alleyways or busy streets, we often saw cats and dogs sound asleep in a shade. Only later did we realize how much wiser they were than us tourists. Under those scorching noon-sun, the cats and dogs and Bangkok had found the best way to deal with the heat.

In Phuket, before we even settled in our hotel rooms, a black and white kitten had decided to adopt us new comers. He started meowing outside of our room. Later he and one of his friends would come to our breakfast table for their meal too. The dogs, however, mostly lived on the beach. When Gui and I went down to the beach taking photos in the morning light, they would come to us in droves. To be able to live in that beautiful place, they surely deserved to be called Lucky Dogs.