One Ring to Rule Them All…

One Ring to Rule Them All
One Ring to Find Them,
One Ring to Bring Them All,
And in the Darkness,
Bind Them!

I can’t explain the power these words has on me. Merely thinking of them excite me, pure ectasy.

The final episode of Lord of the Rings Trilogy is finally out. I’m dying to see it…Heard the review from Slate’s movie critic David Edelstein this evening as I was driving home. This paragraph cracked me up! 🙂

Sam wants to pitch Gollum over the rocks, but Frodo is inclined toward Christian charity, which makes him a different kind of hero than the usual sword-and-sorcery he-man. But this is a different sort of epic¡ªone in which tens of thousands of humans die to destroy what in essence is a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a holy war in the name of peace, suffused with melancholy regret, and fervid in its conviction that the very pursuit of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This egony of waiting is almost as sweet as actually seeing it. Keeping my desire in suspence, when I know it is going to be good, really really good. I could get drunk in this absolute assurance. 🙂

To Mordor and Back – Peter Jackson’s wondrous Return of the King, By David Edelstein.