War Photographer (James Nachtwey)

War Photographer

This documentary came highly recommended by Mi, who has seen it on tape shortly after its airing on Cable TV, about a month ago. This time, Mi brought the tape to the west coast. We watched it together over the weekend. James placed a macro camera right above his shutter on his ¡°weapon¡±, so we could see how he aimed and when he clicked each shutter. I imagine it must be fascinating for hard-core photographers like Mi, to know when each moment was chosen and to imagine what picture he would have made if he were there instead of James.

From the movie we learned that James was a man of few words, but he was kind and compassionate. He treated his subject with respect and his pictures showed. We also got to see real time the sulfur mines in Indonesia, the stone-throwing Palestinian kids in Gaza strip, the grieving parents of Kosovo mass grave victims, and of course Rwanda, etc. The normal misery of our world today.

I was dry-eyed throughout all the showing of the misery. Looking at these poor souls through James lens somehow made them less real. Or maybe I had been desensitized by too much of these¡­What really got to me was one statement made by James¡¯ best friend since high school. He said, ¡°He truly believes that the good will triumph over evil, and that is what had kept him going and kept him from being cynical like so many of his fellow journalists.¡± Upon hearing this, my tears started rolling down non-stop.

So that was what we had to accept all along. It was such a simple belief, yet so hard when faced with all these facts. ¡°the good will eventually triumph over evil.¡± That’s what human being has been blessed with: Hope.

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  1. Merry xmas Jean,

    I used to believe that hope was good. But then I realized that I am easily paralyzed by hope. Hope makes it easier for me not to take the difficult path – hope that the easier path will lead to the same destination.

    Hope is an emotion. Like all emotions, sometimes it helps us, sometimes it hurts us, and sometimes it does neither.

    Happy Holidays mfd! 🙂
    Thank you for the special edition LOTR (1), i’ve been watching it. INCREDIBLE!¡¡Thank you!
    I think what really moved me was people are capable of hope under such circumstances. If i had seen what he had seen, if i had been through what he had been through, I doubt I could still be so hopeful…

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