Artificial Morality

Sorry I’ve been slacking. It is just that when you are actually living your life, you are too busy to write about it. 🙂 heehee. I think that is a pretty cool-sounding excuse. Don’t you think?

Holiday is almost over. Here is an interesting article I just stumbled upon and found to be very interesting, geeky, yes, but interesting nonetheless. 🙂

Artificial Morality via Flammifer’s Blog.

Here is a little quote from the article to get you started:

I’m reading a book called “Artificial Morality: Virtuous robots for virtual games”, rather interesting. It’s basically about moral philosophy, but the approach is that of computer-simulated agents. I won’t get into to many details but the main idea is to show how morally constrained agents obtain better results in games like the prisoner’s dilemma – or, in other terms, to explore the rational basis for moral behavior.

Happy New Year, everyone!