Sex and the City – Season V

Friends just signed up with netflix, which is like a DVD buffet. You can watch all you want for a fixed price. So we¡¯ve been stuffing our faces like true ¡°pigs¡± in food heaven. As anyone who has eaten at a buffet knows, after a while, you ran out exquisite food, you started going for the not so exquisite ones. That¡¯s how we found ourselves watching Sex and the City ¨C Season V on Saturday evening.

Season five was half the length of a normal season. There were eight episodes only.

Aside from some funny lines and a few comic moments, nothing significant happened in this season. The episodes start to resemble more and more of Seinfield. The writers are running out of things to say, it is screaming for an end.

Above all else, I¡¯d call this season the ugly female clothing season. Every character, in every episode, was uniformly wearing the most ugly outfit possible. They resembled either table cloth, window curtain, or bed-sheet. It is the kind of dress that any woman in her right mind won¡¯t be caught dead in. What was the custom directors thinking?! Carrie, used to be the most fabulous dresser in the show, now was wearing the bucket shaped dresses that¡¯s probably only fit for pregnant woman.

Wait, was Sarah Jessica Parker pregnant? That might explain it!

In summary, unless you are also eating a DVD buffet, skip it.