Givers and Takers

Today’s New York Times has an interesting analysis regarding states that get more money from Federal government than what they pay in terms of federal tax (the Takers) and states that pays more in their tax dollars than their Federal fundings (the Givers), and their voting patterns. Not exactly what you would have expected.
Givers and Takers by DANIEL H. PINK.

Republicans seem to have become the new welfare party ¡ª their constituents live off tax dollars paid by people who vote Democratic. Of course, not all federal spending is wasteful. But Republicans are having their pork and eating it too. Voters in red states like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are some of the country’s fiercest critics of government, yet they’re also among the biggest recipients of federal largess. Meanwhile, Democratic voters in the coastal blue states ¡ª the ones who are often portrayed as shiftless moochers ¡ª are left to carry the load.