I was never into jewelries or makeup while I was growing up. I didn¡¯t even use to look at myself in the mirror. I still remembered in High School, one day I caught a passing glance of my face in a mirror and was shocked by this image of a stranger! How different I looked from what I thought! It was similar to hearing my own voice on a recorder. So that was ME?! That was how others listened to and looked at and perceived to be ME?! It was so different from the me in my mind! Shocking!

I¡¯m still startled from time to time when I hear my own voice on friend¡¯s answer machine or even listening to myself announcing ¡°This is Jean¡± on my own cell phone. But I¡¯ve finally gotten used to the way i look, thanks to the full length mirror i bought for our hallway.

Jewelry, however, still eluded me till¡­I watched Lord of the Rings. ¡°One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness¡­bind them.¡± A ring is cool.

Now I finally have a ring of my own. I LOVE it.

From the top, the two fluid and curvy lines remind me of the typical tai-chi hand gesture, holding one¡¯s essence in the shape of an invisible ball. In this case, a brilliant diamond. Delicate engravings further up are hinting at leaves and branches, as if the two hands grow out of a tree, a lively ancient but wise creature, like an Ent! 🙂

From the side, it looks like an innocent fat bird sleeping, the two engraved arms turn into featured wings, obediently drooped around the little bird¡¯s round body. All is quiet, all is peaceful, all is lovely.

This hand of mine that has been free from any jewelry all these years is surprisingly at ease with the new addition. As I work, i could feel this little beauty hugging my ring finger, quietly reminding me of its existence, reminding me of someone dear, something pour…

Did I mention I love the ring? 🙂

It is designed by Mi¡¯s friend Yuko, who is a talented jewelry designer in New York City. Check out her other lovely pieces at LADYBIRD NEWYORK. (In the Ring section, don’t miss the piece “iggy”. Really cute!)

Thank you, Yuko! Thank you, Mi! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ring

  1. A very beautiful ring …

    Jean’s Reply:
    …In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
  2. Congratulations!
    I am very happy that you loved the ring.
    We, Karate friends just had a farewell gathering for Mi.
    He is such a nice guy, and we all miss him.
    All the best to you two, and hope to see you in SF someday.

    Jean’s Reply:
    Yuko! Thank you for stopping by! Thank you so very much for the lovely design! Yes, I LOVE the ring. 🙂 Mi told me about your farewell party till dawn! It sounded so fun! I’m sure Mi will miss you all as well! Hope to see you soon in SF! 🙂

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